About Us

Buzz MD is the first hybrid Direct Primary Care practice in the Rego Park/Elmhurst area in Queens, NY. Physicians and patients are increasingly frustrated with the present broken healthcare delivery system. Doctors find it increasingly difficult to practice medicine the right way..where they are not pressured to see a high volume of patients to meet the ever increasing costs associated with running a practice. There used to be a time not that long ago when things were much simpler with just a physician and patient and hardly anyone in between. Today there are so many people inserted into the equation between patient and physician like billers, practice managers, insurance bureaucrats, all of whom needs to be supported through that simple encounter between patient and physician.

Here at Buzz MD our focus is purely on delivering high quality comprehensive personalized healthcare where the patient is in control. We offer various options and let our patients choose the one that works best for them. In the direct primary care model we are reimbursed directly by the patient. We charge a flat affordable annual/semi-annual membership fee for our services. This would decrease the administrative burden on our time and free us to take excellent care of our patients in the most efficient manner. We have options for self-pay patients who want to just pay per visit and we are also in network with certain health insurance plans.

In our office you will be seeing your personal doctor every time and not the assistant to the physician assistant! Your doctor may even make a house-call if medically necessary.

Feel free to schedule a no-obligation meet and greet session with our doctor to learn more.

We look forward to collaborating in your health!

Meet our Doctor

Dr Philip Mathew is a compassionate and dedicated physician who is passionate about outpatient medicine. He attended medical school at Moscow Medical Academy in Moscow, Russia and completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and licensed to practice in New York.